Feet4Earth Mountaineers Logo Feet4Earth Mountaineers Logo The symbol of travel for the group, along with local and foreign members, seek to promote mountaineering in the Philippines as a means of educating people with responsible travelling and preservation of the environment.

The organization is a non-profit, non-funding, strictly-for-enjoyment, fun-generated, nature-inspired, camaraderie-deployed, fully automated recreational team 
of wonderful people who believes in caring for the earth.

We promised to be back again on the trail...

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updated May, 2000
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Group News and Hike Reviews from the members of our Mountaineering Group.
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Some talk regarding helpful tips for equipment care and worry-free travel. 
About Feet4Earth
Somethings that tell about our existence on planet Earth.
Adventure Writings
Thoughts and accounts on the Organization's trips, adventures and climbs from recent itineraries.
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On schedule to Philippine's awesome climb spots among other Fun-Climb scheds coupled with intro's and iti's.
Photo Album
A collection of pictures from our past and present climb and adventure travel in the Islands Philippines.

A view of Mossy Forest at Mt. Pulag National Park

About Feet4Earth
  Feet4Earth Mountaineers Group, with co-founders Johnson Ongking, Roderick Yu and Art Suarez, have formed between friends and relatives alike a recreational group that incorporates not only mountaineering but adventure travel as well in the Philippines. 

   A bunch of workaholics that usually have time only on Holidays, all the time we ever could afford to get out from all the toxicity of urban living, we'd like to get out as much and be on the mainstream of Philippine mountaineering, but our point is not to form a group just for the fun of it. Sure we wanted to experience Mother Nature's best but the proper education for all the responsibility attributed to the Art of Travel needs to be told to those who would like to experience the wild. 

Feet4Earth Mountaineers Organization is currently based in Manila with friends Tiboy Reyes, Arlene Tan, Amy Chua, Jun Ampil, Lesley Victorino, Janice Yu, Jen Lim, Ampy Reyes, Wendy Choi, Mitch Picardal, Jean Tarriella, Josel Joaquin, Larry Reyes, Edgar Chua, Joyce Alcoreza, Eunice Wong, Roderick Tan, Martin Cabral, Carol Chua, Jojo Ongking, Lui Suarez, Zoe Ezequiel, Precious Cheng, Kathrin Sia, Valerie Yu, Vanessa Noda, Barnard and David Huang including our German friends Kathrin Drygala and Anke Meyer.
Among other friends Vergel Dyoco, Len Bustamante, Mae, Nancy and Allen as well as Jun and Greg - Adventure Drivers, and our guides Nano and Rico of Dolores Quezon.
If you would like to join, send e-mail with pic to webmaster Doc .

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What's Up on Feet4Earth
We'd like to share some stories from our latest itineraries. 

Mt. Pulag Adventure
We tackled the highlands, for a scenic view with the heavens and a brief experience of the cold in Benguet.

Holy Week Special
We went Whale Watching at Donsol and climbed Mt. Isarog in Naga for a four-day adventure in Bicol.

Sundown at Donsol Whale Watching Bay

Click to go Home"We are none of the hardcore mountaineers or supertravellers but we wanted to tell hikers, backpackers and mountaineers alike about the message of caring for the earth and environment, as we see a rapid change to the worse of the living planet that we are in right now. That for sometime, we may be experiencing the best of the outdoors until such time that we might have lost all the beauty due to our uncaring act and lost sense of etiquette in the backwoods. Living it out here could mean going grunge at times, but it is pointless to stay uncivilized when we know well enough to be responsible for our planet".
Clockwise from top left - Pahiyas Festival in Quezon, Mt. Isarog Camp and To Summit- Mt. Pulag, Benguet

Uniting Conservation and Travel
1357 J.P. Laurel St., San Miguel Manila
Tel:  736-3838
Fax: 736-3839

An adornment of burihats - Pahiyas Festival Lukban, Quezon

Mt. Pulag Holy Week Special
All photos appearing on this page courtesy of 
Jun Ampil, Arlene Tan and Art Suarez.

All commentaries made are only our opinion based in previous and present experiences from adventure trips and scheduled climbs, which we have written to provide as much useful information for the reader with our own assessment of situations that they would most likely encounter.

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We have accumulated over time a lot of outdoor stuff and gear that did most wonders in our adventure trips. I can say some are quite primitive, some will do the job and others are really doing well for their purpose. We did some writings to share our comments with regards to proper care of these valuable items along with helpful tips for travel. We aim to provide information that have been gathered from our past and present experiences to help you find more enjoyment in your backpacking and less of the troublesome aches and pains that we have generally had a fair share in all our travel itineraries. So read on and have fun. Check out our Trip Tips.

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